Students in industry

Many of our programmes incorporate apprenticeships or internships. Our practical based training facilitates students that are ready to contribute to the workplace with the skills and qualifications the industry really needs.


When your organisation is looking for a trainee, ing Danrussell is a good first step. Our Career Hub is a free advertising space for employers to advertise employment opportunities. 

We have students that are ready to work as part of their on-going study. Student research projects can also be developed around your needs for internships. Discuss your requirements with us and we will find the ideal student for you.

For further information email: [email protected]


As a student at Danrussell you may have the opportunity to intern in the industry of your choice. Some courses and programmes ground their practical learning element in internship positions which may involve research projects. If this is not an option for your chosen programme you may be able to seek out independent internships.


Many industries use apprenticeships as their mainstream training pathway, particularly in trades. The duration and content of an apprenticeship will vary depending on the industry. Danrussell provides specialised pre-apprenticeship programmes which are designed to lead to trade apprenticeship opportunities for students. Danrussell also delivers apprenticeship training for industries in the form of night classes, and block courses.

Full time or part time employees

Students currently in study are continuously looking for employment opportunites to get involved in their industy. If you need a student to fill a full time or part time role please the Career Hub where employers can advertise jobs for free to Danrussell students and graduates.